Corporate Mandarin

Learning Mandarin, Building Alliances

Bridge the gap between you and your Chinese counterparts. Customized Mandarin lessons from Corporate Mandarin will enable you to communicate more effectively and avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings.

corporate mandarin

Communicate with Your Peers in China

Our customized Corporate Mandarin lessons focus on Mandarin conversation in business and social contexts with cultural interpretations.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Corporate Mandarin teaches Mandarin to executives and other busy business people in classroom, social or one-on-one settings.


Corporate Mandarin Class

Corporate Mandarin

Customized Mandarin Courses for the Executive!

Corporate Mandarin offers both workshops and private, customized lessons in conversational Mandarin for Calgary business people. Our lessons can be structured to fit your busy schedules and any situational requirements and restrictions.

Corporate Mandarin is flexible. Whether you require an introductory course in Mandarin, or a more in-depth series of lessons on the language and the culture, Corporate Mandarin will design your lessons around you. We also offer a variety of methods of delivery.

As well, Corporate Mandarin can assist both English-speaking and Cantonese-speaking individuals who wish to communicate in Mandarin.

Corporate Mandarin will enable you to have full confidence on your next business trip to China. We will help you to improve your pronunciation and your choice of words, and make you aware of potential social gaffes due to cross-cultural differences.

To enquire about or to register for Mandarin lessons in Calgary, go to the contact page.

Corporate Mandarin is offering courses in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These courses are designed for executives interested in conversational Mandarin. You will learn at least 250 practical Mandarin words and how to apply them under 10 practical situations including greetings, introductions, shopping, and banquet etiquette. You will also become familiar with key cultural issues when doing business with the Chinese.

To register for Mandarin courses, go to the contact page.

Our courses can be customized for your company and can take one of the following forms:

  • Lunch Hour Series
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • Individualized Executive Mandarin Classes